1. The Chamber is an informative service. General information is available to new or potential residents and businesses. This includes fact sheets, brochures, maps, Buyer's Guide/Business Directory and much more.

  2. The Chamber is a business referral service. Members are referred to individuals or businesses requesting names of suppliers.

  3. The Chamber is a vehicle to meet other local business people by providing opportunities to network such as the quarterly membership meetings, the annual banquet and breakfast.

  4. The Chamber of Commerce is the "voice of the business community," taking a leadership role, studying and taking action on legislation that affects business at the city, county and federal levels.

  5. The Chamber coordinates the promotion of the county and organizes many special events that benefit everyone.

  6. The Chamber plans programs and projects through action-oriented committees with one goal: "To promote and project the industry, business, and professional community in order to insure a better area in which to live, work, and play.

  7. The Chamber is represented on at least six area and state business-related serving agencies. This puts the county in contact with many other representatives so that Carthage and Panola County are aware of what is available and the agencies know about us.

  8. The Chamber works hard to make sure the Christmas season is a special occasion by coordinating the Christmas decorations, sponsoring the lighting contests to encourage the whole town to light up, and planning the annual parade that has become one of the area's best.

  9. By being a member, you help the Chamber succeed in helping the market grow. You strengthen the Chamber's efforts to make the conditions in the market good for your business. This helps our community become more prosperous, which means your customers have more money to spend with you, and you eventually have more customers.

  10. The Chamber answers the questions, pays the postage, looks out for business interests, makes sure Panola County is not forgotten, and works to bring people and industry to the community. The Panola County Chamber of Commerce makes a good impression when visitors come to town. Our dues investment makes this all possible.