City of Carthage Offers Limb and Debris Collection Service

The City of Carthage Street Department is pleased to announce that residents can now bring limbs and other yard debris to our designated collection point at 1203 Hills Lake Road. This service is part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining clean and safe neighborhoods for all residents.

Due to the recent weather events and increased yard maintenance activities, there is a substantial amount of debris throughout the city. As a result, it may take several weeks for all the collected debris to be processed and removed. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time as our crews work diligently to clear the backlog and ensure timely and efficient service.

Please note that this is a self-service facility; residents are responsible for unloading their own debris. Also, this is not for commercial use. If you hire a commercial company to clean your limbs/debris, they must haul to the landfill. 

Service Details:

  • Drop-off Location: 1203 Hills Lake Road
  • Accepted Items: Limbs and yard debris only
  • Service Duration: Temporary until no longer needed
  • Hours of Operation: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM  Monday – Friday
  • Service Type: Self-Service Only

We encourage residents to take advantage of this service to help keep our community clean and safe. By bringing your limbs and yard debris to the designated collection point, you are contributing to a more efficient and organized cleanup process.

For additional information or to report large quantities of debris that may require special attention, please contact the City at 903-693-3868 or visit our website at

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support in keeping Carthage a beautiful place to live.

City of Carthage

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