At a recent City Council meeting, a concerned citizen requested that residents be required to pull the green trash cans back to the house rather than leaving them at the curb. She also stated cans at the curb make the city streets look tacky.

We are requesting that all citizens pull their trash cans back to the house by the end of the day. This also helps keep trash cans from being hit by traffic or being taken from the residence by an unauthorized person. Let’s work together to help keep our city beautiful!

Remember these rules when putting your trash can at the curb:
  • Have your trash out by 7:00am. Sometimes the driver has to change the route a little bit because of road construction or mechanical issues. Don't depend on him to always come at the same time.
  • Make sure cart is within 4 feet of the curb and is not close to a structure such as the mail box, a utility pole or a parked car. They will not retrieve the can if the arms that grab the can have any chance of hitting something.
  • Don't overfill the can. If one can is not enough, call City Hall, 903.693.3868 and request a 2nd can. The cost is $5/month.
  • Don't place trash beside the can. The driver will only retrieve what is IN the can. Everything is automated  now. The driver does not get outside the truck. 
  • Don't expect the driver to make an extra trip to your house because you forgot to put the trash out at 7am. 
  • The driver has cameras all around his truck and can retrieve images of your trash pickup and the exact time it was serviced.
Examples of what NOT to do:
cans-a cans-b cans-c
cans-d cans-e cans-f